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The attached macro will copy symbols and connections to multiple models.

Currently to accomplish this task you are required to manaully open all the target models and then use copy/paste operation. Also by default ARIS will not copy the <Fill Color> of symbols.

By utilizing the attached macro, you can automate this task.

Key Feature:

  •     You can select multiple target models of different type.
  •     You can select any number of symbols and connections within source model
  •     Macro is robust enough so as not to give error in case of any symbol type not allowed on target model.
  •     Macro will not save any changes made to the models so as to provide user a chance to undo changes.
  •     Macro will copy the symbols and connections to target model (one-by-one), ior instance, if you select a symbol of type IT System and one of your target model is "Organizational Chart" then the script will give a warning and you have option either to leave this model and continue with other selected model or you can choose to skip this particular symbol and continue with the current model.

Context: Macro will run on symbols and connections context


Let's open value added diagram from UMG database and create some empty models in temp folder of different type. These will be our target model to copy symbols.

Source Model:

Now select the symbols and connection for copy. It's not important that you select source and target symbol, it will be sufficient if you just select the connection. Macro will automatically copy the source and target symbols involved in any connections.

Now start the macro, assuming you have already installed the macro (shown in above diagram).


After you start the macro, you will be prompted to select as many target models as you want. Use CTRL key to select multiple models. You can also select models from different folders/groups.

After that macro will open the target model one by one and copy the symbols and connections.

If you selected a target model type in which specific symbols are not allowed then macro will provide you choices either to continue with other symbols and connections on the current model (YES) or you can leave this model and macro will select other target model for paste operation.

After the macro operation, you will all of your target model opened and with appropriate symbols please note the position and fill color of the symbols are maintained.


Important Note:

  • Static Text and Graphic Symbols will not be pasted
  • Implicit Connections are not handled by the macro.
  • You need to manually save all the target model (this is done so as to provide user a chance to undo the changes if result is not satisfactory.


Download the macro here

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