We have syncronised our SOLMAN Projects with ARIS, made changes to them, added the different DIAGRAMS (EPCs) and synced it back to SOLMAN. All works fine here. We have added extra processes to the scenarios and synced it back.

The sync takes place for the processes but not for the scenarios.


5 Scenarios

Scenario 1-> 5 Processes

If I add an extra process in ARIS it is reflected in SOLMAN, but if I add an additional scenario, it does not reflect in ARIS.

Could some one please tell me if this can be done? While discussing the scenarios there is a real time  need to alter the scenarios in a project, how do we then alter those scenarios? Is making changes on SOLMAN and importing to a new project the only solution?


Thanks in ADVANCE...

Sahil G

by Martin Felder
Posted on Mon, 04/22/2013 - 13:33

Hi Sahil,

Have you selected the correct synchronisation direction? If you add processes in ARIS you are synchronising from ARIS to SolMan. If you add a scenario in SolMan and you want it to be reflected in ARIS you have to synchronise from SolMan to ARIS I assume. Or did I get you wrong?

by Sahil Gupte Author
Posted on Mon, 05/27/2013 - 13:43

Dear Martin


I want to syncronise from ARIS to SOLMAN. I have selected the direction correctly. If I make changes in my ARIS structure and then syncronise will it get reflected in the Scenarios is my question.


I have tried doing it but if we create a new scenario it does not reflect in SOLMAN.



Sahil Gupte

by Martin Felder
Posted on Mon, 06/03/2013 - 19:17

Hi Sahil,

okay, this is how we do it:

  1. Create the scenario in the usual process architecture as a value added chain element with an assigned VACD containing the processes and EPCs assigned to them containing the process steps.
  2. Maintain all function objects (scenario, processs, process steps) with the correct attributes for "SAP Function Type" and all process step functions with the correct "SAP Component". Making sure all of these function object use the correct "SAP Function" symbol.
  3. Copy the scenario function object into the "SolMan Project VACD"  - the one that has been created automatically when we did the initial synchronisation from ARIS to SolMan. Ensure again that the right symbol "SAP Function" is used.  
  4. Save, close the model, log off from the ARIS DB and logon again with filter "Entire Method".
  5. Right click in the explorer tree on the function object which has the assignment to the "SolMan Project VACD". This function has been created automatically as well during the initial synchronisation.
  6. Select "SAP"->"Synchronisation..."
  7. Enter SAP client, user and password (if requested).
  8. Select option "Transfer data to SAP Solution Manager" and "Include subordinate items" in the first screen of the user dialog.
  9. Select (at least) the options "Transfer names" and "Transfer new items" in the following screen.
  10. Proceed through the remaining screens as required (better be careful with deleting elements). That's it.

This usually works in my case. Of course this procedure includes the full project, not just the new scenario. But as far as I know it is also possible to start the synchronisation on the new function object then (step 5).

Is there anything different to your approach? Have you checked the log file for any error messages?

Best regards,



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