Hi, I want to simulate a simple process.

Process Definition
There is a function "Produce Screw", which produces 1 screw.
At the beginning there are zero screws in stock.

Afterwards there is a function "Screw Component together", which consumes 4 screws to produce 1 component.

The function "Screw Component Together" should only be processed when there are enough screws available.

My attempt
I'm using the ARIS Business Architect (7.2) for students.

For Modelling the control flow I used an EPC. The only attributes I set are the number of Employes that carry out each function (set to 1) and a Throughput time for each function.

For Modelling the Production and Consumption I used an EPC(Material Flow). I choosed General Resource for each resource. The only attributes I set are each Startup Capacity of zero and the Connection attribute "Quantity".
"Produce Screw" produces 1 "Screw"
4 "Screw" are consumed by "Screw Component together"
"Screw Component together" produces 1 "Component"

When I start the Simulation(Material Flow EPC included) I get the following error. "simtestmaterial" is the Material Flow EPC.

But there is no way to model an Start Event in an EPC Material Flow.
What am I doing wrong? How do I model and simulate a producer-consumer-process?

<--The uploaded EPC is just the process modelled with ARIS Express because i had to upload an ARIS Express model.-->

Thanks for help in advance

preview of Model and Simulate a producer-consumer process (Professional ARIS)

open simtest.adf (145KB) with ARIS Express

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