Hi! I'm using ARIS Archictect and ARIS Connect in v.9.8 and I’m trying to customize view starting from the classical one.

From “Manage views/Fact sheets” it is possible to select fact sheets for each item defined. Specifically, for processes I can: select a fact sheet from a menu (overview, table, matrix, etc.), customize the “overview” tab selecting layout and the information to visualize. I can’t do the same with the “table” tab: is it possible to customize this tab directly from Portal administration?

I would to obtain for specific diagram (EPC, etc.) a “Table” tab with fixed columns or, as in the classic and default views, to permitt to viewers to insert columns from a shot list menu (reducing the list existing) and enable the order of functions only by “sort by process flow”. Can I obtain this configuration editing some properties in “Manage views” without changing the technical configuration (XML-files )?

Thanks in advance.


Tags: ARIS ARIS Connect EPC