in ARIS Connect (v.9.8 SR5), clicking on "Portal"/ "Groups" (or "Processes")/ "Navigation" / and selecting the model desired, I can:

  1. Share model
  2. Submit change request and
  3. Submit document for approval.

ARIS Connect process manual, for these three workflows, specifies that:

"This workflows are a part of ARIS Connect. It can be customized, if required. For example, you can change e-mail texts, add notifications, make changes to dialogs, etc. The integration of complex workflows (standard RCM, change management, etc.) requires the ARIS Design Server license or ARIS Connect Server extension pack: Process Governance."

Without this extension pack, can I deactivate the process governance workflow functionalities? How can I disable these buttons, in order to hide them to ARIS Connect viewers? 

Thank you!


Tags: ARIS Connect Process Governance