Hi All,

I am currently working to get Matomo up and going in our instance of ARIS. I am able to get the XML feed from Matomo into a datafeed without an issue but I do need to run a script over a specific field to convert a compressed GUID to match the model GUID in ARIS so then the data we are looking at makes sense.

Do you know if there is a way to import a datafeed from the “Dashboard and Datafeed” into a report so I can then update the required field or do you know if there is an RSS or XML API available to use that does not create a process model on the SoftwareAG cloud instance so then I can just parse the XML into an array and then convert the compressed GUID into one compatible?

I have tried to create a RSS feed reader and parser but a lot of this requires using inbuilt functions like Fetch or DomParser which is useful in a browser but not available in ARIS.

Any advice would be welcome.

Tags: ARIS Report Scripting MashZone