I have just drawn my first Multi Pool process with a Looping Subprocess.  I'd be very grateful if anyone can advise if I've drawn it correctly?

The intention is for the Print Pool to handle the production of a print file, which should be run 4 times sequentially - I've wrapped this part in a Looping Subprocess - is this correct?

The Prepare & Issue Pool handles the letters themselves.  As each letter is a separate process instance, am I correct in adding the Multi Instance indicator to the Pool to show the letters are actually dealt with as a batch & all go through the preparation process at the same time.  I think if I didn't have this indicator, the diagram would mean each letter goes through the process before the next iteration starts.  If the Multi Instance indicator is not correct, how do I model the letters being handled as a batch.

(I have been learning using Bruce Silver's Method & Style)

Thank you in advance.

Tags: BPMN