I am looking for some examples implementing some relatively simple conditional and looping logic in EPC that are then knit them in a value stream and simulated in ARIS 7.2. I’ve not seen such materials (yet) in searches through the online documentation, training class materials for Business Process Modeling and Business Simulation, or in the ARIS Community archives. Perhaps I’ve not used the right search terms … always a possibility.

The organization I support is considering changes to value streams (yes, plural) it can help instantiate within the larger company. It wants to both use EPCs to document current and future process definitions as well as simulate those definitions to help quantify the possible benefits.

The processes are defined so that they can be reused in several different value streams each stream having different end-items. Depending on the nature of a contract, the actual value stream configuration could warrant different numbers of process instances executing, amassing intermediate deliverables and then assembling them into larger units for further downstream consumption and/or delivery to the customer.

I need to model loops that will count up/down a certain number of times firing numerous concurrent EPCs, some of which may likewise have loops. I can imagine creative use of resources and functions to produce and then consume the resource as a way to implement that logic.

I also have a need to implement some simple logic on an XOR to know which branch should be traversed.

Conceptually, I imagine defining a variable scoped to the model, an operation to do something to that variable and then a test on it with additional side-effects (e.g., which branch to take from an XOR). Attributes on the model and objects in it could host this logic. But this is my concept. I need to know do this for the ARIS simulation module.
Maybe dedicated EPCs, Event Diagrams, resources and logic over them to get at things that will run in the simulator …? Something else?

Any pointers and concrete examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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