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Today, ARISĀ ProcessWorld on Tour started with the stop in Munich. The first keynote was given by IDSĀ Scheer's CEO Peter Gerard. Afterwards, Dr. Wolfram Jost gave his keynote about ARISĀ innovations.

The presentation of Dr. Jost has the title "Ubiquitous BPM through new ARISĀ innovations". Well, it seemed Dr. Jost doesn't feel very comfortable with the title and he refused to say it. Instead, speakers were used to play the word "ubiquitous" to the audience. However, Dr. Jost also said that the topic addressed by the title is important:Ā Bringing BPMĀ to the masses. That's also the aim of the ARISĀ Community, which he also touched during his presentation.

Dr. Jost is part of the ITĀ business for more than 20 years and so he gave the audience a summary of those past years from his point of view. He pointed out that we have seen several hypes like CIM in the late 80th, ERP in the 90th, E-Business at the beginning of 2000th and nowadays Cloud Computing. From his point of view, all those hypes share a common goal:Ā Making enterprises more efficient by optimising and standardising their business processes. In his view, this is also the reason, why ARISĀ is a success since more than 20 years, because business process management is its core.

Dr. Jost also presented current ARISĀ innovations, which we are currently releasing like ARISĀ Express, ARISĀ MashZone, ARISĀ Governance Engine, and of course ARISĀ Community.

While looking at the participants I had the feeling the audience enjoyed his presentation, because he was reflecting on what happened during the last 20 years. It will be interesting to discuss with the participants here at ARISĀ ProcessWorld if they share Dr. Jost's view. Maybe you have been attending the keynote and can give your impression of the presentation? Just log in and leave a comment!

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