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Today is one of those bad days you have while operating a community such as ARIS Community. We already noticed during the last weeks that some bad guys were around trying to misuse the community. We hoped that they would give up, but of course they didn't. As a result, a few of you have received spam through the contact form on their profile page.

We have taken some actions to make this kind of misuse harder to do. As you can see below this post, you now have to solve an image captcha to submit a comment. We have added the same mechanism to your personal contact forms and the user registration page. We hope that this at least prevents automated spamming of all community members.

If you have received spam messages, please forward them to us at so that we can block the user account immediately. If you don't want to allow other community members to contact you, you can disable your personal contact form by editing your user profile. To do so, click the "Edit Your Profile" link in the "Navigation" box in the right sidebar.

Please let us know if you have other suggestions how we could improve spam protection, but at the same time allow community members to communicate among each other!