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Some days ago, our dear ARIS hackers uploaded the latest ARIS version to our servers. This new service release (called SR08) brings several important improvements:

  • bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes and probably a few new bugs :-)
  • an improved integration with webMethods Designer
  • improved BPMN 2 handling

As Software AG and IDS Scheer are merging, we also work very hard on integrating our product portfolios. The combined product portfolio covers the complete process lifecycle. In the latest release, you can directly hand over a process design done in ARIS to webMethods Desginer for implementation. There is no need for manual copying of files between both tools. As soon as a process is ready for implementation, a new task is assigned to a developer in webMethods. I expect some posts in the coming weeks about the extended integration.

ARIS Express users are already used to improved BPMN 2 handling like easy rotation of pools and lanes. Now, those features are also available in the professional ARIS products. Check out the articles by Sascha about BPMN 2 handling in ARIS.

You can get the latest ARIS version by contacting our support organisation or downloading it from the ARIS Download Center.

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