I am new to ARIS and I have zero-knowledge of Java programming skills. I need to create a custom report. I have read and applied the tutorials on this site, as well as others, and they were helpful. However, some of the commands and line codes are not very clear on what they do.

Here are some questions and concerns that I have that I hope you all can help:

1)I would like to create something similar to the "Create Process Manual" report and be able to customize some of the information on it. (As far as I know, I can't display the "Create Process Manual" script from a coding screen to the user-friendly report design view).

2)Can I display each symbol in a BPMN diagram on the custom report and display their information? If so, could anyone provide an example of how to reach that level? (The furthest I have been able to get is displaying the information of the model itself through {Selected groups.Model list(filterable by type).Name} and similar commands).

3) Whenever I place the command to insert the model graphic ({Selected groups>Model list(filterable by type).Graphic}) and run the report, the report output would be blank. Anyone faced similar issues?

4) Sometimes I create a report I would get the message
"Error creating report:
Could not initialize class com.aris.modeling.common.omf.runtime.OmfRuntimeFactory"

Thank you in advance for your help.

by Norm Burgess
Posted on Wed, 01/22/2014 - 20:46

I too had a similar requirement for a report. I found you can take the Process Manual report under Sample scripts and save it off and import it back in with a different name and make your modifications as needed. I didn't need things like Times or Costs on the report so I just removed them and expanded the existing feilds. I added another column called Rules and used the same basic path as Description.

I'm no expert on reports by any means. Others may have ideas that might work better for you. Hope this helps.

by Torsten Haase
Posted on Fri, 01/31/2014 - 15:36

Hi Tariq,

first you need to differentiate between data queries and generated output in your report. If you are in the WYSIWYG editor, you see the "document structure" = the queries needed for the data to be written, on the left side of the editor. On each text panel next to a query (the center/right part of the WYSIWYG editor) you can type text and insert  tables, data fields and text fields. There are normally 3 areas of text next to each query: on top a static part which is written exactly once before the queried items are written, at the bottom a static part which is written exactly once after the queried items are written, and the CENTER part, which is written for each result element of you query.

As a first step you have to think about what data should be reported and how to find appropriate queries.


Assuming your report "start context" is "Models" (maybe restricted to BPMN models). In WYSIWYG editor, the initial query is "Selected Models". Place the cursor in the CENTER text part and select "Insert Query". A dialog opens. Select "Object Occurrences" and click the top right arrow to move this query into the control titled "Data for the repetition". Click "Next". Now you can optionally sort the symbols by Type (or X-coordinate,...). Click finish. Now you've inserted a query which queries all symbols from your model. In the repetition area (CENTER) of the query, you now can insert data fields which access this data. For example the symbol's name, its symbol, its object definition,...

If you want a nicer formatting of your data, in a table, you can insert a new formatting table with exactly 1 row and some columns. In each column you insert a data field. In the output then for each symbol in the model a new table row is written.

Hope this helped to start with WYSIWYG report editor.


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