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Following the excellent "Transform Your Application Portfolio..." APM webcast from Patrick Buech, we are interested to implement the APM process with ARIS.  We clearly have a need to manage our IT systems portfolio, and construct systems harmonization roadmap, based on rationale. 

At the same time, we wish to look at the application systems portfolio in a Service context:  we have started defining our services to internal and external customers.  Further step is to assign values to the services, to influence the projects budget allocation by category (run, grow, transform). 

The link between application systems and processes is clear, especially to understand the business impact of changing a system: this is one of the added-value of the ARIS solution (common repository).   We are wondering how the APM process with ARIS could contribute to feed the service governance we put in place... Does someone know?   

by Niels Doeleman
Posted on Mon, 04/08/2013 - 13:50

Hello Thierry,

For a customer I am currently imlementing Application Portfolo Management. I created a tempate containing all needed information per aplication. This is currently being filled. 

The information will be stored in an ARIS repository according to the template and this will be linked to documents (functional and technical) aligned to the applications. The APM information  in the ARIS repository will be linked to the CI's in the CMDB (which is not in ARIS) and on the other side we will link the information to ARIS IT architect containing ArchiMate models. The ArchiMate models contain functional information like services and functions. These are linked to process models and to requirements. 

Hope this gives you an example how it could work.


Niels Doeleman.

bQuind BV

Posted on Fri, 09/20/2013 - 01:25

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We are planning similar thing here in my organization, we want to transfer application systems informaiton in ARIS to CMDB, so that both tools are in synch, any help is appreciated.

by Thierry Caro Author
Posted on Mon, 04/08/2013 - 14:23

Thanks Niels!

I am impressed that you integrate with CMDB and ArchiMate (is it TOGAF?) !  The ArchiMate models look interesting indeed.  I will dig into that, hoping it can serve budget forecasts.  Were ArchiMate models easy to implement in ARIS ?   Did you find standard model types to implement it? 

Bgrds,  Thierry 

by Niels Doeleman
Posted on Tue, 04/09/2013 - 16:30

Hi Thierry,

We didn't really use TOGAF for our ArchiMate models but that would give a good standard. The models were created using BizzDesign and later migrated to ARIS but in my guess it would have been better to use ARIS ArchiMate from the start. There are some reference models available.

Best of luck,



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