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Hello community

We have a slight issue in 9.7: many of our BPMN tasks and VACD process steps are expanding into BPMN diagrams using assignments. Now, we are considering adding Function Allocation Diagrams (FAD), assigned to some tasks to add more task information (Class diagrams used, SAP functions, etc...).

Some modelers are not interested in these FAD. 

The issue is that if the FAD is removed in the filter, the tasks assigned to a FAD (only) still show the assignment icon, and return a "No Model are assigned to the object" message. We are not really inclined using the BPMN sub-process, as we wish to keep the same logic in BPMN as when expanding VACD steps into BPMN with an assignment. 

Any suggestion? Would it make sense to avoid displaying the assignment icon when no assigned models can be reached? 

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