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Top 5 ARIS Process Mining enhancements in ARIS 10 SR18

With the ARIS 10 SR18 release came a number of exciting improvements and features. In this blog post, I will be highlighting the Top 5 enhancements for Process Mining. 


#1 Insights-to-Action

(ARIS Process Mining Enterprise SaaS)

When there is a high volume of processes with undetected anomalies and issues, like too many loops, missing activities or policies not adhered to; it used to be challenging to identify these issues automatically, and to immediately start countermeasures.

The great news is, with the new insights-to-action feature, you can define your own trigger rules and use built-in capabilities to deliver process information to other applications.

  • Define action hooks that trigger action flows to have maximum control over your processes.​


  • Leverage Software AG's market-leading integration platform with its more than 450+ connectors to trigger actions in any of your applications​


  • Works generically, e. g. with Microsoft Power Automate

#2 Descriptive Text & overlay documentation

ARIS Process Mining SaaS

When it comes to rolling out process mining analysis to a broader audience; It is important to show the audience or whomever will be consuming the analyses what they are looking at. Now this is especially important for viewer users who may have minimal process mining knowlegde but a need to understand the analyses. 

Now viewer users with less process mining knowledge can be able to consume the analyses and understand what they are looking at with this new enhancement.

Benefits include getting a clear understanding of what you see in apps by adding descriptive text components​ and understanding what you see in charts by adding overlay documentation. You can also make data selection easier by adding selection components and buttons to apps.



#3 Snowflake connectivity

ARIS Process Mining SaaS​

Connectivity to Snowflake data lake and utilizing for data gathering used to be a challenge. This has been addressed with the Snowflake connectivity feature.

Now you can Extract data from your Snowflake data lake via JDBC extractor into the ARIS Process Mining cloud​. Furthermore, you can leverage all extracted data in one data set and transform and link your data for a comprehensive end-to-end view of your processes​. Use the standard ARIS Process Mining connector in to ease data integration​.



#4 Data ingestion pipeline

ARIS Process Mining SaaS

With this new feature, it is now easier to work more efficiently with the data ingestion pipeline and to keep track of its status.

This is what’s new:

  • All stages throughout the data transformation pipeline are accessible while extraction, load or recalculation jobs are running​


  • Keep track on the status of your data integrations with detailed status messages and error handling


  • Pseudonymize imported data within the data transformation layer using secure SHA-2 algorithms​



#5 Process governance workflow

ARIS Process Mining SaaS

With this enhancement, you can get full transparency into your workflow execution, like variants and bottlenecks analysis. The Standard report allows you to export an execution log of your process governance workflow and to Quickly import the log into ARIS Process Mining.



These are the Top 5 enhancements for process mining in the ARIS 10 SR18 release. If you don't have ARIS Process Mining yet and are curious to see it in action; You can get the FREE trial here  

To learn more about all the exciting NEW Process Mining enhancements in ARIS 10 SR18, watch the International User Group Conference (IUG) presentation by Dr. Julian Krumeich. The great news is that the IUG Conference is now available on demand. If you’ve missed any of it or want to rewatch your favorite sessions, you can do so on demand until September 30.

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