Hi guys, 
I've been struggling for quite some time with a problem and was hoping you guys could maybe help me somehow.
So here is what I want:
I got a dialog with severel drop-down-lists and what I want to do is that when I select one element in the first drop-down the second drop-down will show me only the options which are corresponding with the chosen element from the first drop-down. Which options are corresponding with which is saved in an excel-file with the options within a row.

1st option 1 | 2nd option 1 | 3rd option 1
1st option 2 | 2nd option 2 | 3rd option 2


also the first element might appear several times with different second or third elements in this list.

So far I store the elements as arrays like 1st option[i] 2nd option[i] and so on, with i being the number of the row they were previously in.

Can I somehow interlink those drop-downs?


Thanks in advance and I hope my explanation wasn't too complicated.