Hey guys,

so the situation I'm in right now:
I want to create one dashboard that displays database-specific data. That data is gathered by a report and then uploaded to ADS into a specific folder (e.g. path is: storage/DatabaseA). Since I don't want to have 20+ different datafeeds I decided to put the database's name as variable (user-input) and to use that in the dashboard as user-input.

So far: cool beans!

Now for the question:
is there any possibility to automatically select the database I'm viewing the dashboard on and put it in the path where the data comes from?

If not: my solution would be to have some sort of drop-down-menu in my dashboard where I'd select the desired database and use that. My problem with that solution is that I somehow get the information from the drop-down into the path of the datafeed. I'd try to use the user input I set in the datafeed but I still don't know how to get it from the drop-down into the "user-input" field in the dashboard... Or is there maybe any other way?

Anyone ever done something similar?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards