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Hi ARIS folks,

do you know this moments: You've been working with a tool for a long time and suddenly you discover a feature that makes your life so much easier and that you've never seen before?

Maybe you feel the same after reading this post. If you are modeling with ARIS, you surely know this situation. You are talking to business departments to collect information that are relevant to your process landscape or enterprise architecture in ARIS. They may give you links to internal web pages or wikis where, for example, application lists with versions, license information, etc. are maintained. Or you may receive a Word document from HR with role descriptions or Excel spreadsheets with tabular process descriptions. As a modeler, you will gratefully take this information and eventually enter it into ARIS one by one with a lot of effort - of course you want to build up your single source of truth.

But there is an easier way. Since a couple of months there is "Create objects", with which you can easily copy-paste this data in bulk as objects including the associated attributes into ARIS. You want to know how this works in all details? Then have a look at this video in the know section.

Available in all editions from ARIS Elements to Enterprise! Have fun!