in our environment we just migrated from ARIS 7.2 to Aris 9.8.

The 7.2 Clients (Architect and Designer) were used via Microsoft App-V Version 4.6.2 without any problems.

Now we use Microsoft App-V Version 5.1 to provide the ARIS 9.8 Client for the user.

The user now report about performance issues while working with the client. While working with models (editing), different actions like editing an object, replace an object or select multiple objects it takes up to 30 seconds or more until the action is done. This behavior is sporadically.

When the client is installed and used local the user aren't having these problems.

We did already contact the ARIS Support and asked about known issues with the use of App-V 5.1, but there is none.

I would like to know if someone else is using App-V 5.1 to deploy the ARIS Client, and maybe does or did have the same issues.


Best Regards,

T. Pauls