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Hello community,

We have installed ARIS 9.5 with connect server.

I have understood that there are special scenario with ARIS Connect for share, change request, and approve models that should be working out of the box (if some attributes are maintained within ARIS) (and I guess without APG). I have also noticed that there is an ARIS Connect governance Models with some models.

1) Currently in our installation, the share and change request button in connect viewer are visible but not triggering any actions. Does anyone has succeed in making those works? What are the conditions as the help is quite limited on this topic?  Do you need APG to make it works or is APG only needed if you want to modify those scenario?

2) We would like to make the "Important for you" available to some users. With ARIS 9.0, you had to maintained the user ID in a organisational unit or person object (AT_UMC_ID) and link this objects with activities, systems or roles to make it available in the user section on ARIS Connect as important for you. It seems that the configuration need has changed?

Thanks for your help or hints. 


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