Hi ARIS community,

I am relatively new to ARIS and currently using ARIS 10 SR21 Enterprise version. As part of our modelling workflow, we work with Manual Functions (activities) on EPC Row models and assign business control diagrams to these manual functions which houses risk objects. We name the business control diagram model as the activity name and keep the business control diagrams in a 'Risk' sub group in the group where the EPC Row model is located.

Currently only one assignment can be made at a time for a manual function, I am not able to assign business control diagrams to multiple selected functions at the same time (which is typically the requirement and hence bit time consuming).

Is there a way where I can using a report, select all the manual functions on EPC row then run the report to assign business control diagrams to these functions with the name of the manual function and store these models in a 'Risk' sub group within the parent group which contains the EPC Row model.

I have basic proficiency with the WYSIWYG report and no experience with report scripting using Java code.

Any help on how to proceed with this requirement would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!