Hi there!

I am using ARIS architect 9.8.

I have a particular use case and wish to understand how ARIS platform can be used to serve the purpose i have. Any help would be appreciated!

Use case: I wish to create a process repository of a particular database in ARIS which I want to be made accesible to all users in my organization (10000+ users) with read only access. Since the content of the models should remain internal to the organization any printing or editing of the models needs to be restricted.

Also I wish to obtain an audit trail of which particular user has 'viewed' a model.

If I understand correctly ARIS business publisher could have helped me in this but it has been retired. I have ARIS connect but would appreciate help in understanding how it can be configured to meet the requirements of my use case in terms of user management etc.

Would appreciate a reply. Thanks!