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Hello Community,

I am pleased to write today the next article for the Scripting Tutorial. In this article we will discuss the main decision to be taken when you start with report scripting.

In fact there are four main options:

Option 1: Create Report with the Report Wizard.

Please see the online help, group "Create scripts", "Use case", "Use Case: How to work with report script template". Additionally please also review the file "evaluation_s.pdf", available from the ARIS installation disk, subfolder "Docs" (sections 5 Reports and 8 Scripts).

Option 2: Create Report with the JavaScript.

We are going to explain the main steps right in the next articles in this serie.

Option 3: Create Report with the Report Wizard, but needs to be enhanced.

This request is very common, you like to get a certain option, a custom dialog window etc. In this case you may start with the Wizard, but then you complete it with Java Script.

Option 4: Can be copied from an existing one.

This way would probably save you a lot of time. If you have a good example, already quite matching, you can use that and change it according to the requirements. The report can be created with the Wizard or with JavaScript.

We are going to explain the needed activities in more detail for the options 2, 3 and 4 right here in this forum.

Stay tuned!

Best Regards, Volker

Note: This article describe how to develop a report in ARIS. See this post for links to similar articles.

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