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Hello All,

Now, as I am halfway down with the articles in the tutorial, I like to open the discussion titled “What is missing? What else you would like to achieve with JavaScript in ARIS?”

My further approach for this tutorial is to add some more specific solutions (like shared code management in combination with header and footer) to make your life easier. One other outstanding tutorial will cover an option to compare object and model attributes as logical enhancement to all the other parts (if we can select multiple objects, we can also compare them).

But again, please let me know which topics you like to see as next tutorial or which JavaScript reusable you perhaps have already created and like to share with us this way. I would be pleased to discuss with you right here alternatives for the next tutorials.

If you are not sure or are not convinced that your input can become a next tutorial, don’t worry, I can guide you a bit – and writing tutorials is also not my daily job :)

The discussion is open, any feedback very welcome!


Thanks in advance!