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We would like to have the ability to add notes to an ARIS Cloud model that functions like a Post-It Note (sticky note).   We would like this to function like a object but contain only descriptive information.  Our approach is to create a custom symbol and add only description and links attributes.  Has anyone tried to do this?   We used the freeform text capability but that has significant limitations.   Our team feels that creating an object that can be associated with existing objects would provide the functions we need.  Unfortunately, the help information on how to add a custom symbol and object type is somewhat cryptic.

Has anyone attempted this before or developed a better way to add comments?  We are aware of the comments and discussions capabilities off the portal interface but they are too general.  We need to provide very specific annotation to specific objects (symbols) in the models.  Basically, we need the ability to create a "Notes" relationship to objects.

If there is a better was to do this, please point us in the right direction.  Thanks.