Hi all,

I have a question with regards to the gateway and would like to verify with you.

Please refer to the attachment.

Business process rules -

  • When performing a credit assessment check, the consultant is required to perform all three activities checking regardless of the sequence order, hence, a parallel gateway is used to split the paths.
  • If either one of the three activities checks is True, the process will pass through inclusive OR gateway to the next activity (i.e., determine assessment)

Question 1 - May I know the two gateways I used for the modelling are appropriate based on the requirements?

Question 2 - Someone told me that under split and merge modelling in BPMN rule, both of the gateways have to be similar, meaning, in this example, if the split gateway started out using the parallel gateway, the merging of the logical path must end with a similar gateway, in this case, a parallel gateway (instead of an inclusive OR gateway). Is this correct? I strongly disagree. please let me know.