Even though I have performed business modelling using EPC and BPMN, I am still uncertain when comes to usage or in what context using the BPMN and EPC.

I read an article (https://blog.leonardo.com.au/epc-vs-bpmn-reviewing-modelling-notations) and wonder you comprehend of the following questions I had....

The EPC is most often used to model higher-level business processes. However, there are cases where these have been used for executable modelling. BPMN would be most often better for lower-level process modelling, having been designed to be convertible to Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). So if your company has web services or SOA implemented – or you are in the IT, technology or telecommunications industries – BPMN would be more suited, since it has process automation as a primary focus.

Questions - 

1. What does it mean by "higher-level business process"? please give an example.

2. Likewise, what does it means by "lower-level business process"? please give an example.

3. Why the higher-level process is suitable to model using EPC and why the lower-level process is suitable for BPMN?

4. Why BPMN modelling is best suited for modelling company in IT, technology and telecommunication industry?

EPCs do not support semi-structured processes, whereas ad-hoc sub-processes can be implemented in BPMN. EPC cannot be easily used to describe executable processes.

5. What is "semi-structured processes".

6. Why EPC cannot be used to model an executable process?

7 May I model an organisational business process in the following structure? which one is allowed and which one is not allowed? (Level 4 is a sub-process)

  • LEVEL 1 (VACD) -----  LEVEL 2 (VACD)  ------ LEVEL 3 (BPMN) ------- LEVEL 4 (BPMN)
  • LEVEL 1 (VACD) -----  LEVEL 2 (VACD)  ------ LEVEL 3 (EPC) ------- LEVEL 4 (EPC)
  • LEVEL 1 (VACD) -----  LEVEL 2 (VACD)  ------ LEVEL 3 (BPMN) ------- LEVEL 4 (EPC)
  • LEVEL 1 (VACD) -----  LEVEL 2 (VACD)  ------ LEVEL 3 (EPC) ------- LEVEL 4 (BPMN)


8. Is there other BPM tools that allow EPC modelling or EPC modelling only is possible through ARIS (i.e. Software AG) as it is part of IP under ARIS