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When you are learning new things, gaining new skills, there is a chance you will need some help and answers to your questions. If you don’t have any mentor or advisor, it could be challenging. It´s like knocking at the door and getting no answer. But in our ARIS Community it works differently. Here is a snippet from our ARIS Community Dictionary to show exactly how it works :-)

Answer noun - a solution to a problem or an explanation, here always written in reply to a question.

Answermachine noun – 1. an ARIS Community member who always answers when you knock at the door (which means when you write a question in the Forums) and loves to share BPM knowledge and ARIS expertise.

2. A badge, one of our ARIS Community achievements. It´s a recognition of the incredible effort made to help others.

Do you want to learn more about ARIS? Have you any unanswered questions? Find the right Forum, ask your question and be prepared to experience an amazing mix of knowledge, networking and interesting discussions. And if you spot an Answermachine badge somewhere, you can count on this community member to help you.  

How to gain the Answermachine badge?

There is only one condition - write comments and don’t stop until 75. Hats off to Runè for proving that there is no limit in the comment section.

Moreover, you get 100 points for this badge and it´s possible to earn much more for your activity in the ARIS Community. The most active members can be found in the All-time Leaderboard.

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