Welcome to our tutorial on the consumption of role-based process information in ARIS Connect.

In this tutorial you will learn how the creation of one model supports the generation of several views.

ARIS Connect provides great new capabilities for bringing your models closer to the end-users - in other words, the people who consume ARIS process content. Reading a business model always requires some skills and not everyone needs those skills in their everyday business. That’s why ARIS Connect provides a functionality to automatically “translate” content from an ARIS database into simplified views.

You have designed a business process model with the new and easy Design Thin Client  ARIS Connect - in this case as an event-driven process chain. You have documented how the business process should be executed, who needs to be involved and which IT systems support specific process steps.

People consuming this process are not modeling experts! With ARIS Connect you can offer different views based on the process content to consume the necessary information with just one click. We will now present an overview of the various views available.

The factsheet view provides a great overview. It presents the main process information that is to say the process description, the person responsible, the process steps (also known as activities), as well as the related IT systems.

The next view is the steps view. This view makes it super easy to understand a process and its flow. With the steps view you can click through the activities. If the process has decisions you can choose the corresponding event. You can also click the process backwards. This view is great especially when using mobile devices.

The so-called table or matrix view provides all necessary information in a structured manner. The basic table is opened first. Here you can change your settings and display a matrix including all involved roles and even add columns, such as the related IT-systems.

If you want to monitor your business processes or IT-systems, the KPI view is the right view for you. It presents single or multiple KPIs. These KPIs are fed by different data sources, such as your IT-systems or your ARIS database. Here you see an example of the average processing times over the entire process.

And last but not least the dashboard view enables multiple performance charts for your processes! Here you can include several charts in different formats and from different sources.

All these views can be configured and adapted to your needs. ARIS Connect provides you with a new and easy way to consume content from ARIS. It brings the content closer to your stakeholders in a very user-driven and easy to understand way.

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