With SmartDesign, ARIS Express provides a modeling aid that allows you to create model parts or entire models in a table editor. You can edit existing SmartDesigns. At this point, none has been inserted. The related button is therefore greyed out. You can insert a SmartDesign, which provides a basic structure for the model. You will do this next. The SmartDesign window opens, and a SmartDesign is inserted. You can directly enter names for the placed objects. Use the Down arrow or cursor to move to the next object, and name it "Open online shop". The object you select in SmartDesign is selected in the model window as well. As you can see, the new objects are inserted and the model layout changes accordingly. Assign the name "Book found" to the existing event.

You will then create the activities. To do this, you press Enter and type the names.

If you create a new object after an activity, you are offered the two objects that can follow an activity, that is, another activity or an event. Select the object you want to use. For the next two objects, select "Activity". You now select "Event" to model the end event of the process. The "Send order" activity creates an order. To model this, add the "Output documents" column to the table. The model is complete, and you can close SmartDesign. If you check the model, you will notice that a search operation is missing after the "Open online shop" object. To correct this, select the "Open online shop" object and click on "Edit SmartDesign". The model is available in SmartDesign. You can create the missing object by pressing Enter. You have now created the basic model. To define what happens if a book is not found, you adjust the visible part of the model and add another model path. You can also open and edit the new model path in SmartDesign. As you can see, all objects of this model path are available for editing in SmartDesign. Some objects are not colored. Their model paths are separated from the current path by an object that cannot be edited in SmartDesign, that is, XOR in our case.

You have learned how to create models using SmartDesign. You have also learned how to combine SmartDesign and conventional modeling. This is a fast and convenient way of getting professional results.

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