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A lot of information and program support helps you carry out your tasks with ARIS.

Information sources on ARIS products include online help and manuals, the program itself, interactive presentations, and the ARIS Community. The information sources offer varied content.

The online helps are divided into functional, method, and script help.

They are displayed in your browser.

The function help shows you how to control the program.

The content tab lists the steps of program use in logical order, that is, from ARIS setup to publishing your database content.

Many pages feature a quick video. The video makes the procedure described more tangible.

Information on special functions and concepts is available in the "Valuable information" area.

Manuals can be started via the help start page. If you have installed ARIS Architect, you can also open the most important manuals directly using program shortcuts.

You can open a quick start guide,

Support is also available within the programs.

Tooltips explain interface items.

To show the embedded help in a dialog or wizard in ARIS Architect, you just need to press the F1 key or click "Help".

If you have selected an area, the F1 key opens the view help for this area.

The view help is also offered for models or items in models.

You can call not only functional help pages directly, but also Method help pages:

For example, press the Ctrl and F1 keys if you have selected an object.

The Method help opens showing the help page pertaining to the object selected.

The auto-complete function is shown at specific points in the program where you can add content.

In the spreadsheet, you can add the required content with just one click.

ARIS Interactive Guides are an important support for persons switching ARIS versions. The example shows the Model Interactive Guide.