What is ARIS Process Mining for Faculties?

“ARIS Process Mining for Faculties | Multi-user public cloud” includes ARIS Process Mining Advanced. The products included as part of this offer are:

  • 1 ARIS Process Mining Advanced Analyst
  • 50 ARIS Process Mining Advanced Engineers

ARIS Process Mining offers a way to visualize, understand and optimize your business processes on the cloud that is completely free-of-charge for educational and research purposes.

ARIS Process Mining can also be integrated with ARIS Cloud to automatically transfer your processes and generate suggestions for optimizations. Contact us to start your deep dive analysis and improve your processes now.

If you want to learn more about this versatile software, you can check out the Process Mining Tutorials page.

To get started with ARIS Process Mining, we recommend this video:


or you can also follow this guide to take the first steps in ARIS Process Mining and get the Demo Data: Getting started

Where do I get the demo data?

You can get the demo data here: Getting started or in the "Help" section in your project room.

How can I access ARIS Process Mining for Faculties?

Just click on the contact us button and share your contact details. We would be happy to get in touch with you and provide further information.

Contact us

Additional Training Materials

Software AG also offer some videos to get you familiar with ARIS Process Mining and some of its use cases. Below are some videos and the timestamps.

0:28 Start analysing by looking at the KPIs 
1:57 Seeing the bottleneck 
2:24 Finding the reason behind the bottleneck 
5:46 Improving the process with change request 
6:44 Rolling out changes with confirmations 
8:29 Looking at the changes in Process Mining 
9:07 Improving the process with insight triggers 
9:28 Data ingestion pipeline 
10:35 Compliance app backend 
11:13 Source tables 
11:59 Data modelling 
12:27 Back to analysis and ARIS 
13:05 Customer journey

Intergrating with ARIS Cloud

To see how ARIS Process Mining can be used with ARIS Cloud, you can check out this video: 

Order-to-cash demo


For how long can I use it?

Initially, you can access ARIS Process Mining for Faculties offer for free till 6 months. Afterwards, if you wish to continue with this offer, please contact us at universitycommunity@softwareag.com to request an extension.

Have questions about how to access this offer?

Please contact universitycommunity@softwareag.com. We would get back to you at the earliest possible.


If you are encountering any problems, you can check out our FAQs or post your questions on our Forums so that other ARIS experts can help you.