What is ARIS Cloud for Faculties?

The "ARIS Cloud for Faculties | Multi-user pubilc cloud" is an Education Package that includes the Software "ARIS Advanced", a full-scale Business Process Analysis-as-a-Service product. The Education Package contains everything you need to enrich your BPM course with a practical angle:

  • Project room in the cloud 
    • 50 licenses for ARIS Advanced Designers 
    • 50 licenses for ARIS Advanced Viewers 
    • up to 20 Databases
  • Prepared lecture slides and exercise material

The Education Package is offered free of charge for education and research purposes for a term of 6 months and can be extended for free as required. Please check FAQ page for further information about the extension process.

Here is how it works:

This offer is 100% cloud-based and enables you to access and work on a public cloud together with all the students in your lecture. With just a few settings you can easily set up the educational environment in the cloud. Students can get started within seconds. All they need is a standard PC and a browser of their choice. It allows participation from home, from campus or anywhere else. Your students gain hands-on experience in business process modeling with a powerful methodology toolbox and learn to describe complex business information in a logical and understandable way.

The highlights of ARIS Advanced at a glance:

  • Easy modelling enviroment
  • Sharing and editing content
  • Collaboration with a Community feature
  • Cloud-based software without any installation effort
  • Easy user and database management

Here is how to set up (configure) your educational environment:

ARIS Cloud Quickstart Guide for faculty members and teachers.

If you are new to ARIS, we recommend watching ARIS Cloud Quickstart Guide on YouTube to guide you setting up your educational environment properly. Reflecting the fact that you mostly deal with faculty members, students and guests, you see how easy these user groups are mapped with the licenses that you receive from University Relations. Please consider sharing the link to one specific video in the series, which is called "Pt.4 New User" with your students and other users. This video focuses on their first steps, helping them to speeding up productivity in their personal workspace.

ARIS Cloud Quickstart Guide on YouTube


ARIS Cloud Quickstart Guide - FAST TRACK 

If you are an experienced user, you can skip most of the videos by seeing the FAST TRACK Playlist and set up you Educational Environment in 27 (!) seconds


The two config files mentioned in the video "Pt.10 Configuration Script" can be downloaded here: .adb-file; .csv-file.

Enjoy and have fun in the cloud!


Please note: ARIS Cloud for Faculties is an extension of ARIS Advanced. The most significant differentiator is the duration:

  • With the ARIS Advanced free trial your free subscription lasts only 30 days. 
  • With ARIS Cloud for Faculties, your free subscription lasts 6 months with options for free prolongation. 

Beside watching the video "New User" (see above), we strongly recommend your students to see another video, which indeed origins from an earlier stage of ARIS in the cloud, but is still very relevant to getting started with ARIS Advanced:


How can I access ARIS Cloud for Faculties?

Just click on the Subscribe button and share your contact details with the subsequent form. We would be happy to get in touch with you and provide further information.



Intergrating with ARIS Process Mining

To see how ARIS Cloud can be used with ARIS Process Mining, you can check out this video: 

Order-to-cash demo


For how long can I use it?

Initially, you can access ARIS Cloud for Faculties offer for 6 months. Afterwards, if you wish to continue with this offer, please contact us at universitycommunity@softwareag.com to request an extension.

Have questions about how to access this offer?

Please contact universitycommunity@softwareag.com. We would get back to you at the earliest possible.

Need more information?

  • Have a look at the video tutorials and training here.
  • See our FAQ.
  • Please Note: this package is only available for faculty members.