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The ARIS Platform is a powerful and intuitive tool for Business Process Management (BPM).

The learning Objective of the ARIS Education package is to:

  • Understand Business Process Modeling concepts and ARIS methodology

  • Gain hands-on experience in modeling with ARIS Architect & Designer

  • Describe complex business information in a logical and understandable way using ARIS methodology

Video Tutorials

What is BPM used for? To answer this question check out our five part video series which explains business process modeling with Software AG's ARIS Method at Frankfurt Airport. It will take you only 35 minutes to watch these vidoes and understand the concept of  ARIS methodology.


Aris Training Video 1/5
Aris Training Video 2/5
Aris Training Video 3/5
Aris Training Video 4/5
Aris Training Video 5/5
pdf Fraport Control Questions(pdf|ppt)

pdfFraport Control Questions + Solutions (faculty only)

BPM Lecture Slides

The two part lecture slides will walk you through some basics of Business Process Managament and the ARIS house. It will also briefly introduce the different views of ARIS method and the corresponding models. These lecture slides are meant to fit a 90 minute lecture as a part of your course.

pdfBPM with ARIS - Part 1 - Introduction

pdfBPM with ARIS - Part 2 - The ARIS Method

BPM Exercises

The ARIS BMP Exercises will teach you how to design, implement and simulate a business process using a real world IT scenario. It takes approximately 12 weeks when the user spends 90 minutes per week working on the Exercises.

miscMatBPM Exercises with ARIS

miscMatBPM Exercises with ARIS + Solutions (faculty only)

miscMatBPM Exercises with ARIS: Databases & other related material

E-Learning Course

Please note: the appearance might be outdated, but the content is still relevant. We will update the layout soon.

ARIS Cloud

Check out the video tutorials for ARIS Cloud.

For more information visit ARIS Cloud for Students or the FAQs section.