We have installed new ARIS Business Server for a new environment, new domain. All the ARIS entities - databases, reports, customisations done have been migrated from the older server. Everything works fine.

We have one database in the old server which is configured for LDAP authentication.

all the users present in the old domain (xyz.net) are also been migrated to new domain (abc.net).

The LDAP configuration and settings have been made to the database on the new server with new domain and the connection with the LDAP is established.

However there is one issue.

When the database is restored to new server, the users and user groups are also migrated ( we do not need to add everyone again). also since all the users from old domain have been migrated to new domain, when I import user (already existing users in the ARIS database) from the "import user" option in ARIS (for Ldap) I can see the user already present. However when this user login to the database the user is not able to login. It says user id , password incorrect.

I checked with importing new user

When I imported a new user not already in ARIS database  (but this user is also migrated from older domain to new domain), the import was success. Also this user is able to login to the database successfully.

I believe the issue could be that if a user exists in the database, its profile points to the older domain (xyz.net domain).

The solution I could see is delete all the existing users and then import from new domain (abc.net). Then assign them to same user group and same privileges as that of earlier one.

Doing so will consume a lot of time as it is a manual task of importing all the users one by one and assigning them groups and priviledges.

I would like to know if there is a better solution to this problem.

Request support on this.



Tags: ARIS