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New to our “Women in BPM” interview series or feeling like you missed a few episodes of it? Don’t worry, below you will find a list of all the episodes with a brief overview of what to expect from each one.

But first, here's a brief introduction to what it's all about, why the topic is so interesting and of major importance, and why you shouldn't miss any of the episodes.


Why Women in BPM?

In 2021, only 18 percent of employees in the IT sector were female (according to a statistic by eurostat). Of course, this has improved over the years, and it’s great to see this improvement happening, but if there is one lesson learned from the female leaders that were interviewed - there is still a long way to go.


What you can expect

Our Women in BPM interview series is intended to inspire and encourage people (and especially women) with stories and insights from female leaders who work in Business Process Management (BPM). You will hear about what drives them, who supported them on their way, what tips they have, and why they find processes so fascinating.


Find the available materials that you are looking for

Sounds exciting and you want to watch all the episodes at once? Here is the “Women in BPM” YouTube playlist.


Looking for a specific episode? Then you will find an overview of the already published interviews here:


Episode 1 – featuring Denitza Fuchs & Josèphe Blondaut

✅ Introduction ✅ Passion for processes ✅ Challenges ✅ Work-life balance

Episode 2 – featuring Sarah Meiners

✅ Goal setting ✅ Easy BPM explanation ✅ Hot topics ✅ Mindset for success

Episode 3 – featuring Sylvia Groenbos

✅ Biggest achievements ✅ What qualifies women for BPM ✅ Process mindset ✅ Challenges for female leaders

Episode 4 – featuring Vassiliki Spentzou

✅ Diversity made in Greece ✅ How to get into BPM ✅ Why women are good in BPM ✅ Leadership style

Episode 5 – featuring Ariane Schulze

✅ Political engagement ✅ Public services ✅ Knowledge sharing ✅ Getting people on board

Episode 6 – featuring Julia Dowding

✅ Humanity ✅ Listening ✅ Team trust ✅ Be yourself

Episode 7 – featuring Veronika Ellermann

✅ Transformation ✅ Coffee process ✅ Change management & collaboration ✅ BPM Community

Episode 8 – featuring Juliana Johari

✅ Taking challenges ✅ Challenging the status quo ✅ Improving processes  ✅ Female qualities

Episode 9 – featuring Marloes Jongewaard

✅ Processes & history ✅ Personal growth ✅ Awareness  ✅ Sustainability



Do you prefer to read the content instead of watching a video? Have a look at the available blog posts.


What’s next?

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And last but not least, if you would like to be part of the interview series and share your story with other women, please get in touch with us.

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