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You probably already saw the new ARIS UI and symbols set that was described in last week’s blogpost by Nina. Furthermore, any ARIS 9 server installation now includes a Central User and License Management Component (UMC) as well as an ARIS Document Storage (ADS) capability. Now, what does that mean?

In ARIS 9 there is one single space that:

  • Is easily accessible via a browser-based UI
  • holds all ARIS license keys in one central place
  • removes the need to send ARIS license keys to end users
  • allows for creation and management of users and user groups for all ARIS products
  • facilitates convenient setup and administration of central settings, e.g. like LDAP connections
  • includes the configuration, setup and administration of an integrated ARIS Document Storage

License Management

With a change of our license key file structure (one xml file per product) and the delivery of our ARIS 9 license keys as a zipped file containing a number of xml files, you may now import and make available all ARIS product licenses on your server in one simple step.  Just import the entire zip file which contains your entire list of products in one go. 

After import, you will immediately see all ARIS products you have on the left side of the Web UI. On the right hand side you can see license key details and total number of seats available for distribution to your users. Obviously, as soon as you start allocating some of the keys to users, the number of available seats will decrease and be shown in upper right corner.

License Management

User Management

Creation and management of ARIS users can now be handled for all ARIS products in one and the same space, thereby also supporting single sign on between different ARIS products.

Either manually create users and user groups or use the intuitive interface to import users from your LDAP system.

User Management

Assigning license privileges

An important next step is of course to make the assignment of license privileges that a user or group of users shall have. Simply open the privileges tab and allocate relevante license privileges. An easy to use assignment wizard supports you to set this up quickly.

Now the end user is ready to start his or her ARIS client and get just the right license privileges that have been assigned, without ever having to receive or entering a license key.

the assignment of license privileges

Associate users/user groups

Assigning function privileges

Depending on the installed ARIS components, a number of special permissions called function privileges can be given to different key users. Just to give you some examples of available function privileges:

  • user management rights
  • license management rights
  • server administration rights
  • script administration rights and many more

The free combination of these makes it perfect to cut just the right functionalities needed for different roles and stakeholders in your organization, no matter if you are working on the business or IT side, or maybe in between.

As a result the new central user and license management component (UMC) offers

  • a convenient way to set up and manage all licenses and users of your entire ARIS landscape
  • quick ways to identify who is consuming which ARIS license (and additional function privileges)
  • a central space for server configuration including ARIS Document Storage
  • a user management console to track active user sessions
  • the possibility to change and manage user passwords including email notification (unless connected to an LDAP system)

If you have any questions regarding the new central user and license management, please comment.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts about the new functionalities in ARIS 9!

Posted on Mon, 06/03/2013 - 09:22


could you please provide some information about the basic functionalities of the ARIS Document Storage?



by Sylvain Go
Posted on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 15:24


This Central User too is very welcome. All those "rights & licences management" were asked for a (too) long time. That was so obvious to be able to deploy a real Java/web product (meaning 0 deployment on workstations apart web browser client), and finally send licences keys from a central TXT file. Even inside an enterprise organisation, users may move from PC to PC all the time !

I add my voice to get more explainations about this new document vault (ARIS Document Storage) available for connected users.


PS : Expecting to upgrade to the V9 in french soon...

by Francois Du Toit
Posted on Fri, 08/30/2013 - 13:39

Hi Cecilia,

We installed ARIS 9 and the client and it is looking very good.

One question:

What is the URL for user's to access the "Web client". I can't seem to find that... I assumed it is pre-installed seeing that the User Management is running Web Based.

If I access the server via Http, it shows ARIS connect login screen, but ARIS connect is not installed and the login does not work.

A quick-start guide for administration would be helpful :)

Please advise.




by Ximena Liggerini
Posted on Wed, 03/23/2016 - 17:51


I am trying to import an script in Reports and it said I don´t have the privilegies




I saw my user and is system user with full privileges.




It´s a licenses privilege that is talking about? I read something abut that in Aris community.

I am trying to import the Asset & risk Report Free of charge;

 Could you help me?




by Runé Becker
Badge for 'Mastermind' achievement
Posted on Wed, 03/23/2016 - 21:59

Dear Ximena,

This is a 3-years old post. So don't expect that many folks would read this. I suggest you create a new post. Also, your screenshots were not successfully uploaded. Please also specify which ARIS version you are using, and in this particular case which product licenses you have in use.




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