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Eating ARIS? Sounds strange - but true!
(Please have a look at the photos… ;-))

I want to give you a short review on the ARIS UserDay 2013 in June 4th:

The ARIS event with great speakers, interesting sessions about the new ARIS release, and a protagonist that celebrates its 20 anniversary!

The German-speaking ARIS community was getting together in Darmstadt/Germany on June 4th to discuss new Business Process Analysis, Enterprise Architecture and Governance, Risk & Compliance trends. The participants had a deep look into the brand new ARIS 9. And the feedback was the same for all: ARIS 9 is convincing with a completely new user interface and various new features like spreadsheets or ad-hoc analysis that support their daily work best. My colleague Dr. Dominik Vanderhaeghen already gave a look at the new top feature spreadsheets in ARIS 9 here on ARIS Community. The participants praised the new UI as modern and state-of-the-art. Software AG’s CTO Dr. Wolfram Jost opened the day with an overview of 20 years of ARIS history, followed by Karl Wagner, Head of ARIS R&D. One interesting parallel with ARIS to the World Wide Web has to be mentioned, too: both celebrate their 20 anniversary in 2013!

the participants praised the new UI

This fact relates to one of the key messages of Dr. Wolfram Jost' s presentation: Although ARIS has changed its UI and its database concepts several times over the years, the methodology itself of managing business processes is remaining the same till now. This proved again that in times where technology is changing daily, successful concepts/ ideas remain the main driver for success. 

Dr. Wolfram Jost

After the keynotes, we split into 3 track sessions: Customer presentations, ARIS 9 hands-on sessions and roll-in workshops held by product management.

ARIS 9 hands-on sessions

Customers (e.g. Bosch, DHL, Coca Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG, Vienna Insurance Group, and Siegwerk Druckfarben AG) gave interesting insights into their projects. They presented best practices that could be very useful for other companies. I want to mention one of them: Mr. Prust from Siegwerk declared that all defined processes had to be signed by the process owners in the Headquarters of Siegwerk. You may wonder why this is remarkable, but in the end, it stands for an important commitment in the change management process, increasing the sustainability of company processes on all layers. My colleague Joerg Klueckmann joined Mr Prust´s presentation and went into detail about “Process Harmonization goes Global” on the Reality Check Blog.

Participants could also visit the ARIS 9 usability lab to test the new user interface. The exhibition area sported a special ARIS User Group booth that hosted various interesting discussions. At the end, ARIS User Day closed with a BBQ, live music, and an ARIS cake to celebrate the 20th birthday. So, everybody could have a little piece of ARIS!

ARIS birthday cake

I hope to see many of you on ARIS UserDay next year!

Best wishes,