We are currently just starting our journey with ARIS, BPMS & ESB, so we are investigating some of the governance we might want to wrap around the software stack we've purchased. 

As a first step we are reviewing the different components/objects available in the 3 different modeling languages, (available under the licensing we have purchased) that ARIS supports i.e. EPC, BPMN & Archimate. We will then decide on a standard set to be applied across the organisation.

We will also be considering standards for individual models and I would appreciate your thoughts, or lessons learnt in relation to this. Particularly from those that are using the full ARIS, BPMS, ESB stack. 

Should we allow composite pallets to be used in a single model e.g. EPC combined with BPMN?

  • Is this considered to be good practice?
  • What are the implications further down the stack if we do this e.g. for process automation in BPMS, or even further down in ESB?
  • What impact will using composite models have on reporting?

I'm also interested to hear from you generally on:

  • What you wish you had been made aware of at the very beginning of your journey that might have changed the way you approached implementation of ARIS?
  • Any other lessons learnt, hints or tips,  that you think it would be useful to pass on. 

Thanking you in advance for any advice provided.