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I’m happy to announce that ARIS Cloud 10 SR6 is now live in the public cloud. You can use the new features of ARIS Cloud Advanced immediately after your next log in.

ARIS 10 SR6 provides many new features for ARIS Cloud Advanced:

  • Show connection details in ARIS Connect: You can review connection details in the diagram view. Additionally, fact sheets can be configured to show properties of connections.
  • Thumbnail in diagram view: A thumbnail in the diagram view indicates where the user scrolls on the full canvas. This makes it easier to navigate large diagrams and see which content is available on the canvas that is not shown in current selection.
  • Keyboard control improvement in the portal: Keyboard focus and control have been optimized to allow working with keys in ARIS Cloud.
  • Help page with keyboard control shortcuts: The help of ARIS Cloud has been extended to show the keyboard shortcuts of ARIS Cloud in a central place
  • Show status per version in details of documents
  • Many improvements of ARIS Connect Designer, like guided arrangement of objects and connections, improved matrix modeling, faster startup and Apple® support are also available in ARIS Cloud Advanced

You find more information about the new features in the ARIS 10 SR6 features overview.

It was my pleasure letting you know. Now it’s your turn! Log in to the cloud and try it!

If you are new to the cloud, go to ariscloud.com and start with your free trial immediately.