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Here at Software AG, we believe that education is the foundation for future business innovations. The logical consequence for us was to support education with the means available to us. This is and has been the mission of the University Relations department, and today we are taking another big step for students and educators everywhere:


From now on, ARIS will be available free of charge for research and education purposes. And it gets better: Downloading is just a few clicks away! Your University does not need a special agreement with us. You don’t need to wait for a sales representative to get back to you. You don’t need to send us confirmation of your enrollment. All you need is your own valid University email address. And if your University is not in our system yet, you can add it yourself!

But our offer is not just limited to software. Professional training materials, lecture slides and instructional videos are also all free for our student and faculty users. And once you are proficient in ARIS, certification is free for students and faculty as well. Isn’t that a great start to a professional career? Become the agile business leader you were meant to be – with the help of Software AG.