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Hi all,

I need to know if there exist models in our database which 

  • have versions
  • and whose "state" attribute (AT_STATE) has never had the value "released" (AVT_RELEASED) in any version

My thinking was :

  1. loop through all models 
    1. for every model , check if the model has versions (using : Context.getComponent("Versioning").getModelRevisions(model)
    2. for every version , look at the model state attribute value

I'm stuck at point "2" because getRevisions() returns RevisionInfo objects which give two kinds of information

  • a revision number
  • a ChangelistInfo object , which itself only gives : the time at which the revision has been made, by whom, etc

 I'm still at a loss to know how to retrieve the attribute values for the different model revisions 

Any ideas ?