we are trying to do some Simulations on our models.

Currently I am facing an issues when running the simulation, that i get a warning, that there are "unavailable attributes". The body of the warning states, that the filter does not contain all attributes required for simulation and that some attributes cannot be changed.

Anyway, i can continue and the simulation starts (after opening a few FADs) attached to some functions.

Is there any way to tell, which attributes must be included in the filter? I believed that I added all relevant attributes to the filter but obviously i didn't.

Are there any attributes on:

  • Information Carrier
  • Cluster/Data Model
  • Application System Type

that are needed for simulation?

These were the only commonly used objects in the opened FADs. (Except from Function and Role).

Any hints or information are greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards,

Mathias Schacht

Tags: simulation