Hi ,

I am trying to connect to server in ARIS Server Administrator 10.0, but although I enter the correct command "server localhost:14900 default system manager", I am still getting the below error : No connection to Aris Connect Server or Aris Design Server available. 

User system have the license for Connect Server and the runnables are all at state STARTED. You can see attached the log file cip.log.

Moreover the ports that are in use are shown below (from arisclient.cfg) :

present value="TRUE"/>
        <add value="FALSE"/>
        <absinstancename value="abs_local"/>
        <accport value="14011"/>
        <absport value="14900"/>
        <delayedstart value="octopus_local:14920,simulation_local:14910"/>

What am I missing? Is there something I forgot to do?

Thanks in advance.

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Attachments:Plain text icon cip.txt