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One of the question I need to answer before I go forward - why am I giving it away? In the internet age it takes about 30 seconds for anybody to copy all my material and then another 2 minutes to load it in the internet. Well I am trying to save them some valuable time and money. Its not about the material - the money is on the implementation concept - you will still need me. (I had downloaded 51 Spanish books and still stuck with como estas). Feel free to ask me questions and I will reply too.

Now that we had some basic introduction on ARIS competency center so the next question is - what are the elements in ARIS competency center which makes it complex (basically I am going through a linearization process). Well the drawing below may explain it - these are all the elements (pretty complex huh!!!!) Figure 3.

Figure 3

So now we will start defining the process using people, process and tools (documents in my case)

Lets define the people portion first in this edition. So what are the roles required to maintain the ARIS competency center or the other way to put it is who are the players in the ARIS competency center. (all who need to be nice to each other and be beer buddies). Here is a set of roles (don't like it -create your own) (Figure 4)

Figure 4


So what are their duties - here is the list (mama mia - in a silver platter) - these are related to ARIS competency center - if you are using the same framework for some other tool - you may need to reword it a little bit. (I have even added an excel document so that you can quickly show it to your management and feel good about it)

User Classes


Enterprise Architecture Review Board

  • Responsible for creating charter and vision document
  • Responsible for approval of the Enterprise Architecture Development Method and ARIS designs i.e. the metadata design/documentation. Also,
    • Future enhancements to the methodology materials and designs.
    • In addition, they coordinate Enterprise Architecture AS IS and TO BE releases for all tenants of the enterprise

Enterprise Architect (includes Data and Application & Technical Architects)

  • Owns the framework definition and its implementation in ARIS for a specific architecture domain (Application, Business, Data or Technology).
  • Owns the content of the template and IT Service Management demonstration databases for their domain.
  • Architecture board member, thereby sharing ownership of architecture release schedules and approval of release content
  • Provides support for questions about the framework and its implementation in ARIS.
  • In the case of the Business View, manages and executes SAP Business Process Repository synchronization processes.
  • Architecture board member, thereby sharing ownership of architecture release schedules and approval of release content.
  • Has update access privileges to the Enterprise Architecture modeling space and object libraries.

Business Process Lead (aka Business process systems architect)





  • The person in charge of the respective business process. The functional head or SME ultimately accountable for some aspect of a business process being deployed.
  • A management role with direct contact to SC (Support Center), responsible for management of Work process Architecture. Coordinates the ARIS BPM initiative for Work processes.
  • Decides who should have r-w-d access to their space in the working environment.   
  • Liaises with the ARIS Administrator for administration tasks (user access) and with the ARIS SME for release management activities.
  • Approves content developed in their space, ahead of Board approval.
  • Owns the working space (“as-is” and “to-be”) for respective value chains.
  • Manages project to create or maintain content in their working space
  • Resolves conflicts between multiple projects using same working space
  • Liaises with other systems architect as needed.

Process Modeler








  • The person actually documenting the business process. Ideally has knowledge of respective business process. For example, an IT business analyst in the process area to be documented/modeled in ARIS. Additional skills include ability to translate business requirements into process models and ability to design and interpret the SAP template.

Process SME

  • Executes semantic checks and reports for controlling integrity of EA group folder content
  • Ensures template and BPR libraries are kept up to date across ARIS databases (minor changes = no new filter generation)
  • Runs ARIS database reorganization utilities (within ARIS)
  • Advises on and carries out ARIS configuration (including database structure, group folder structure, query and semantic check definitions, etc) and approves and manages changes to ARIS configuration before they are performed in production; I.e. these are design and develop activities performed in the ARIS Development environment; (Support and configuration of new product releases)
  • Creates variant copies of models as requested by practitioners

ARIS Administrator




  • IT background preferred, responsible for maintaining the local technical environment. Knowledge of programming languages not required.
  • Maintains and manages ARIS database.
  • Creates new databases as needed with request from Process Leads
  • Maintains Query and Semantic Checks
  • Create WISIWYG reports if necessary
  • Runs database re-organization utilities to remove redundant objects
  • Responsible for ARIS filter and template management.
    • Creates new filters as necessary
  • Advices on ARIs configuration before they are moved to production and also performs necessary tests.
  • Acts on or forwards ARIS questions/problems/ requests sent to ARIS support center
  • Maintains users and user groups
  • Executes processes for creating new As-Is & To-Be architecture releases and publishing databases
  • In the case of the Business Process view, manages and executes SAP BPR synchronization processes with work process SME (where SAP is used)
  • Manages ARIS support
  • Has system privileges and can access all ARIS functionality

ARIS User Security Administrator (can be the same person as ARIS Administrator)

  • The ARIS User Security Administrator is responsible for the maintenance (add/delete) of users into the various ARIS databases plus the ARIS Business Publisher web content. 
  • Establishes groups and maintains user privileges for the group.
    • User should be assigned to a User Group and then inherit the privileges of the user group. To restrict access to models and/or objects, folders with restricted access permissions (read only) should be established and objects and/or models stored in the applicable folders. Users can use the restricted object(s) in a business process model but would not be permitted to update and/or delete the object.

ARIS Power User

  • Develop additional custom queries and reports
  • Develops and Deploys template as necessary


ARIS Database Administrator

  • The ARIS Database Administrator role is responsible for ARIS database maintenance.
    • ARIS database maintenance includes the daily back-up of the ARIS databases, the restoration of a database if required, the back-up/restore of ARIS filters and templates and the reorganization of ARIS databases. The back-up and reorganization of the databases can be automated and scheduled.

Server Administrator

  • Provides server support which includes maintenance and server backups and restores.
  • Installation and preparation of environment of new ARIS releases, including any change to the SQL Server database

ARIS Product Manager

  • Manages relationship with SAG
  • Manages implementation of new ARIS releases
  • Manages ARIS support

Next time we talk about processes. But to prepare you a little - here are the 4 stages of the processes for ACC (ARIS Competency center).

  • Core Team Development
  • Content Development
  • Operational Readiness
  • Deployment

Please see also:

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