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There was some requests for creating an index so that the readers understand what are all the steps of a ARIS Competency Center Development - how many articles will I publish? (depends on how long I get paid - oh lord - here he goes again)

This set of solution should be pretty scalable and actually can be used for many tools like solution manager etc.

  1. ACC Part 1 - The Basics (Why we need a competency center) (Prelude to the Dune)
  2. ACC Part 2 - The Functions (What functions do the competency center perform from an enterprise point of view)
  3. ACC Part 3.1 - The Functions of ARIS Administrator (what does the ARIS admin do all day looking at a dull gray screen) (God Emperor of the Dune)
  4. ACC Part 4 - The Process of ACC (how to actually set up the competency center) (Dune)
  5. ACC Part 5 - The Documents associated to ARIS Competency Center (Why we need a competency center) (Children of Dune)
    1. There are quite a few documents associated so there will be about 10 articles (5.1 …..)
  6. ACC Part 6 - Mapping ARIS Competency Center Documents to TOGAF (Chapterhouse Dune)
  7. ACC Part 7 - Mapping ARIS Competency Center Documents to ISO and IEEE Standards
  8. ACC Part 8 - Mapping ARIS Competency Center Documents to CMMI Levels


If you find more interesting topic then we can add that too. The last 3 topics provide scalability. The last topic (mapping to CMMI level) is particularly important because there are a lot of documents and it is not a great idea to provide all documents to every organziation

I will update this with more hyperlinks as I publish more