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Today is a big day for us, because we just released a new and important feature here in ARIS Community. As of today, you can upload and share your BPM models with everyone. Just create a model in ARIS Express, save the file, and upload it to ARIS Community.

To have a running example, see the model on the left. The model shows the structure of the German government as of today. There is also a link added to each person to get further information. For example, select Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel and press F7 key.

If you have installed ARIS Express already, you can click on the model to open it in ARIS Express. The picture on the left shows only a small preview of the model so that you get an impression what you will see if you download the model.

Now it is your chance to share models with all members of ARIS Community. If you have a question about a certain modelling aspect, you can now easily provide an example to be discussed. No need to create and post screenshots anymore.

We hope that you like this new feature. We now have all technologies in place to create a public model repository so that sharing BPM best practices becomes possible. We hope that this will help fostering mainstream adoption of BPM.

Update: Find here a description how to share your ARIS Express model.

preview of Share your ARIS Express model! (ARIS BPM Blog)
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