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Hello Everyone,

You are looking for a simple report to list BPMN models and used lanes in a matrix?

I have created such a matrix for you, the output will be displayed in MS Excel.


And here are the steps to install.

1. Open your database
2. Navigate to Administration
3. Evaluation > Reports
4. Create, if not already done, a separate group for custom reports, here called "Custom Reports"
5. Import the report file "Models and Lanes (Matrix).arx" (here attached)

You should get it then listed like displayed here:


How to run:

Usually I run it on a group level I am interested in. This can be the highest or another group in the hierarchy.
1. Right Click
2. Evaluate > Start Report


3. Choose your Category (here "Custom Reports")
4. Choose the new report  "Models and Lanes (Matrix)"
5. Press OK

The output should list all models in your group, and should indicate by a "x" where a certain lane is used.

Let me know if the output is useful for you!

Best Regards,


Please download the report file from here

Tags: ARIS script