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Our ARIS Community is the right place for sharing knowledge, networking with other experts, and experiencing innovative approaches to BPM. All of this can surprisingly happen by participating in discussions across our forums.

And one super useful tool is ready to engage you in these activities. You can find it under the name “Add new comment”. If you haven’t added a comment yet, now is the time to do so. Our Commentator badge will be your reward.  

Commentator Badge

How can the Commentator badge help you? 

One of our ARIS Community members Veronika summed it up amazingly: 

“By helping others in the ARIS Community, you can sharpen your own understanding of how ARIS works. I even find that some questions are good brain food: they get your brain working. So, basically, they help you to develop new ideas/use cases that you may want to introduce in your own ARIS environment.” 

What else can be said? Only that you can also comment on Blog posts, articles and share your opinion, experience, or feedback. We are really looking forward to every comment you write. 

The Commentator badge isn’t our only ARIS Community reward, but there are also many more badges worth earning :-) For example, you can check out the article about Supporter badge with Veronika's comment. 

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