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When it comes to ARIS we are the people you need to talk to first. 

We offer unparalleled expertise to deliver ARIS solutions to meet a diverse set of customer needs.  Our ARIS practitioners have acquired loads of know-how about the entire ARIS platform and through implementing projects across a wide range of industries. We use this knowledge and experience to develop innovative solutions for successful customer outcomes.

Talking about innovative solutions, have you heard about ARIS APP Generator – the solution that empowers business users to develop their own APP saving precious time and money? iMendos collaborated with SAG to bring this solution to market so is uniquely positioned to enable customers to digitalise their daily business tasks in a collaborative, fast and cost-effective way.

As much as we love ARIS, we also help businesses with their transformation initiatives, reimagine their customers’ journey(s), develop process management competencies, establish enterprise architecture thinking, understand and act on real process data to drive improvement, manage risks and compliance effectively.  

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    ARIS Report: Self documentation of reports and macros

    Automatic generation of ARIS database of your reports and macros

    Ever wondering what is the name of a report that do some specific actions? How do you avoid developing report that you might already have? How can you find quickly a report or macro?

    With this specific report, it will generate a full searchable ARIS database where each report/macro/custom file is defined with its name, description, author, source code, included procedures.

    This help in solving many different little issues when administrating a complex ARIS environment. Identify what are the impacts on your scripts of changing a GUID (filter, template, object, model), what is the impact on your script of changing a symbol, identify where this particular model, object, … has been hard coded in your script, which report is using that particular procedure,

    Not the least, before each update, the report is versioning the content of the report database so that you have a traceability of changes made in your reports.

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    Software Development Cycle empower by ARIS

    Methods and conventions for supporting a Software Development Cycle including JIRA integration

    A procedural model and specific conventions to support the Software Development Cycle using ARIS. This method helps in creating process requirements, specific IT assets, and following up agile development of Minimum Viable Products into different releases. It helps in keeping the traceability of the requirements from elicitation to UAT, define minimum documentation requirements of IT assets and ensure a strong governance between development teams and clients. Specific integration with JIRA will help in ensuring that developer use their tools while contributing to documentation of the solution for the client.